Université Lille 1 Sciences et Technologies


Areas of collaboration

According to the Collaboration Agreement between research teams of the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering from the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers (A&C) and the Laboratoire d'Automatique, Génie Informatique et Signal  (LAGIS) of the University of Science and Technology from Lille (USTL1), two mains thematic area were decided for extended researches:

  • Adaptive control and Robust control (P16)
  • Macro and micro level modeling and adaptive traffic control (P17) 

The protocol involves two-way secondments, common research activities and results dissemination.

Two-way secondments
  • A&C->USTL1: 
1 Short stay secondment: 1 person x 2 weeks 
(Professor Dumitru POPESCU)
2 Long stay secondments: 2 persons x 1 month
(Professor Dan STEFANOIU and Associate-professor Catalin PETRESCU)
  • USTL1->A&C:
3 Short stay secondments: 3 persons x 1 week
(Professor Pierre BORNE, Professor Nicolai CHRISTOV and Lotfi BELKOURA)
1 Long stay secondment  1 person  x 1 month
(Professor Pierre BORNE)

Research results
1. Setting up the mainframe for the ICSCS 2012 Conference to be organized in Lille, by the end of August 2012 
    and 2 invited sessions in this conference:
  • Modeling and control of traffic issues
  • Modeling and control of renewable energy systems
2. Starting a research on demosaicking and primary compression of still photographic images
3. Making new contacts at USTL1 (in the field of Signal and Image Processing):
Professor Ludovic MACAIRE
Professor Olivier LOSSON
4. Starting the new book: "Optimisation en sciences de l'ingénieur", Volume 1: "Méthodes exactes" (in French) to be published by Hermès Editions in 2012.
5. Organizing the 17th and the 18th editions of French-Romanian Summer School CA'NTI: "Contrôle avancé des systèmes et nouvelles technologies informatiques", held in Bucharest, in the end of May.

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