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Product-driven Automation with Distributed Intelligence 
with the ERRIC research infrastructure 


High-speed robot-vision system for Active Holon Entity aggregation and intelligent product inspection - CARTERV

The acquisition of the CARTERV equipment in the ERRIC project was necessary to allow the development of research activities in the ERRIC  scientific domain: "Cognitive and Collaborative Information Technologies in Robotics and Manufacturing" (CCIT_RM). 

 The CIMR team in the A&C faculty and its EU partner LARM from the University of Cassino - Italy are currently involved in the main research lines  which are promoted in the ERRIC project:  

1. Natural-like human-robot interaction systems for

1.1. Human-Personal Robot (HPR) communication: assisting people in special, difficult tasks; assisting aged / disabled people in everyday tasks; 

1.2. Human-Industrial Robot (HIR) skills emulation: learning from visual modelling and interpretation of gestures; cognitive learning for dexterous task reproducing 

2.  Intelligent control architectures for emergent types of robots: personal robots; parallel high-speed robots; open-chain precise robots; multiple-arm robot systems 

2.1. Data fusion for constrained robot motion control 

2.2. Robot cooperation technologies  

2.3. Visual robot servoing from feature-based description of environment 

3.  Robot sculpture: 

3.1. Robot-driven 3D digital shape reconstruction 

3.2. 21/2  and 3D surface generation through procedural tool motion: orthopaedic and surgery expert; robot-based CARE and rapid prototyping   

4. Open manufacturing control with agile reconfiguring of robot services 

4.1. Agent-Oriented robot coordination; integration in Holonic Manufacturing Execution Systems (HMES) and service orientation for global sustainable manufacturing  

4.2. Product-driven automation, semi-heterarchical production scheduling, intelligent embedded products 


Research activities at points 1.2, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3, 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2 needed the high-speed accurate robot-vision system CARTERV, which was installed and integrated in the Holonic Service Execution Platform (HSEP) of the CIMR Laboratory of the A&C faculty, which operates with intelligent, self-organizing robots for sustainable manufacturing.  

A mid-range laser scanning equipment has already been purchased by the CIMR laboratory in A&C, installed on a 6-d.o.f. anthropomorphic robot  and connected to: the multitasking controller, a machine vision system with intelligent colour camera and the PC-based robot terminal. This equipment is necessary for the research activities:  

  • 1.1 - part of the Ambient Intelligence Laboratory 
  • 3.1 and 3.2 - information-based medicine (orthopaedic and surgery expert) 
For more information please consult the industrial robots laboratory & ERRIC integration document.
Images of the CARTERV robot: