Strengthen Research Capabilities


  • Strengthen the research and technological innovation capacities of A&C in above mentioned areas of Intelligent Information Technologies by:
    • increasing the quality and number of published papers and participation of A&C permanent staff to high quality scientific events: more than 60 scientific papers on IIT, accepted for publication in journals and conference proceedings, will be developed as a result of project’s activities;
    • hiring of 6 experienced researchers to perform research in specific topics relevant to IIT, and an experienced research manager;
    • expanding the current research infrastructure: (a) develop a new Laboratory of Ambient Intelligence: after 24 months the AmI Laboratory will be operational with all necessary technical equipment installed and running flawlessly; (b) upgrade the HPC resources of A&C by almost doubling the capacity of the NCIT to reach an estimated performance in benchmarking of 2 TFlops.
  • Reinforce the A&C research potential by supporting and mobilising A&C human resources through 132 trans-national two-way secondments of A&C research staff by the staff of the 11 EU partnering organizations, towards exchanging know-how and experience, and building long-term cooperation relationships.
  • Establish an ambitious research agenda and the Roadmap of A&C RTDI to significantly develop its research potential in the strategic selected research areas and bring A&C research activity to the highest European level.
  • Improve A&C’s ability to respond to ICT related socio-economic needs in Romania and Europe by orienting the research topics towards these needs, in interaction with the project Advisory Board.